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Preschool to School Transitions

Starting school is an important milestone to accomplish as a young five year old in New Zealand.  Those children who are able to make a positive transition to school are those who will quickly develop their sense of belonging within their new environment and begin forming relationships.  Therefore they will succeed and have a positive learning adventure at school.

transition to school

At our small West Auckland preschool, we believe that children need to be prepared as much as possible for all transitions, especially for the one to school.  We value the relationships children are able to develop through these preparation phases and strive on establishing these the best we can.

As part of our transition to school programme our older four year old children are able to visit our local primary school; Flanshaw Road Primary.  Here we are able to visit the entrant classroom.  With support from their qualified early childhood teacher, the children are able to get a feel for what a classroom environment feels like and can begin developing relationships with their peers, teachers and environment.

Even if a child isn’t going to Flanshaw Road Primary School, they will be able to begin forming a connection to what their classroom is like at their school.

At Te Atatu South Childcare Centre, we hope that be exposing the children as much as we possibly can to a school environment, the children will quickly settle into their surroundings and can focus on learning and developing their skills further.


For more information on our transition to school programme see our blog post; Transitioning to School.  The Ministry of Education also provide parents with some useful tips on making the transition as smooth as possible.  Click here to see their recommendations.

We are a small West Auckland preschool which serves the Te Atatu South community and surrounding areas.  For more information on the services we provide, visit our homepage or contact us for more information.

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