What is Social Emotional Competency?

At our small West Auckland childcare centre, our experienced teachers are currently developing a deeper understanding on what social emotional competency looks like in early childhood education.

5 Ways to Support Social Emotional Competency:

1).  We establish and maintain responsive and reciprocal relationships with all our tamariki.  Research says that social and emotional competency is best developed in the early years.  If children are supported by caring and loving relationships, it can lead to future success.  Our kaiako form relationships that ensure the tamariki are comfortable within the centre’s environment, therefore allowing them to develop a strong sense of belonging.

2).  We engage and interact with the children at their level.  We make experiences exciting that encourage curiosity and where tamariki are able to take risks.  Our skilled kaiako are present in the children’s learning which allows them to have a go or attempt a new challenge. 

3).  Our kaiako provide the tamariki with a can do attitude.  We encourage the children to have a go, because practice makes perfect.  This gives the tamariki a sense of pride and achievement as they learn to participate with and alongside their peers.

4).  Kaiako role model calmness, patience, concentration and taking an interest in all learning experiences.  We use language a lot to describe what we are doing and how we are feeling.  

5).  We maintain a sense of closeness with the tamariki.  We respect and understand their feelings.  Our skilled teachers role model ways to develop resilience and strategies for regulating their emotions.

We are continuing to learn more about social and emotional competency and how we can support the children’s development in this area.

Stay tuned as we embark on this journey and share ways in which you too can support your child’s social and emotional development. 


We currently have limited spaces available at our small West Auckland Childcare Centre.  We are a quality preschool in Te Atatu South who care for and educate 0-6 year olds.

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