Early Childhood Education – Exploring Our Senses

Sensory Experiences

At Te Atatu South Childcare Centre, our three year olds have been learning about their five senses.  This has been an on-going project that is going into it’s second year.  The children have been exposed to a range of sensory experiences which is allowing them to develop an understanding of how their bodies function.

Our Te Atatu South preschool children are currently learning about their sense of smell.  Our qualified early childhood teachers plan and present the children with a range of learning experiences to extend the children’s knowledge. These opportunities allow the children to develop their understanding about their nose and are able to learn new words to add to their vocabularies.

Sensory Exploration
Sense of smell

Our three year olds have recently been able to participate in a learning experience where they have smelt yucky smells.  They were able to learn alongside one another and were able to discuss their thoughts and ideas about what they were smelling.

We are constantly discovering things about the world through our senses, even as adults.  So it is vital that we expose the children to sensory experiences as much as possible.  And at Te Atatu South Childcare, we are doing just that.

The Ministry of Education also support sensory play experiences.  Click here to see their list of ideas to expose your child to a range of sensory experiences.

We currently have spaces available at our small West Auckland childcare centre.  We are a high quality preschool in Te Atatu South who cares for 0-6 year olds.  For more information about the services we provide at our centre, visit our homepage or contact us for more information.

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