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We are taking enrolments for beyond August 2018.

Welcome To Te Atatu South Childcare Centre

Here at Te Atatu South Childcare, our aim is to provide a home-like atmosphere which is loving, safe and secure.

We know learning through play is essential for children to develop social and cognitive skills. Our environment and teaching team provide stimulation, meeting the individual needs of each child.

Children learn best when they work at their own level of understanding and competence, and when they are allowed to explore and discover for themselves. We know building trust between family/whanau and staff is the key. The stronger this partnership the happier your child will be.

 Stephanie Hickman – Centre Director/Licensee

We welcome your visit to look around and talk about your requirements

“Melanee and I want to thank everyone for the many years of love and care that you provided Aston and Elise.  Since Aston was 9 months old and we were nervous about leaving him, you embraced him and helped him grow.  You did the same with Elise and she has grown into such close friendships which we hope will continue.  Both kids have extraordinary imaginations and personalities that we all enjoy watching.  It’s your patience and encouragement that has helped allow them to creatively play and learn.  They have and continue to grow into such wonderful and confident kids because of your support.”

 Testimonial from Powell Family

“Thank you for the wonderful care you have taken of Keara and Matty.  I couldn’t have asked for a more fun, loving and great learning environment for them both.  We will greatly miss all of you, you have become an important part of our family.

Testimonial from Daniel Family

“Teachers respond to children with care and sensitivity.  They allow children to lead their own learning, carefully guiding and supporting the.  Teachers provide children with opportunities to choose, and make decisions about their play.”

Education Review Report October 2017