Social and Emotional Competency in the Early Years

During your child’s first five years of their life they will grow and develop dramatically across all areas, particularly physically, mentally, socially and emotionally.

What is social emotional competency?

At our small West Auckland childcare centre, we recently asked our parents and whanau if they know what social and emotional competency is.  From the data collected 39% of our repsonses said yes, while 61% said no.

To help our parents and whanau understand more about what social and emotional competency looks like in early childhood education, we have broken it down into bite size pieces.

Social and emotional competency is when your child starts to understand and recognise their own emotions as well as others around them.  An example of this is when an older peer comforts and supports a younger children in areas of uncertainity. 

Social and emotional competency is about meaningful and positive relationships with others (parents, teachers and peers).  Coaching your child to say good morning in the mornings, is a great way to begin establishing a relationship with others.

Emotional competency is about self regulation of emotions, especially during times of heightened emotions.  An example of this is your child finding comfort in their favourite things to help them settle themselves down.

It is about the development of social skills such as empathy, beginning to listen and understand others opinions and social problem solving.  When your child starts to stand in the other person’s shoes and negoitate to get their desired outcome, is evidence your child is developing socially.

Social and emotional competency is about self control and taking the time to make sensible decisions.  When your child can stop to think about their next actions, this is evidence that they are in control and can make the correct choice.

To see how our teachers at Te Atatu South Childcare Centre, Auckland support the children in becoming socially and emotionally competent during their time at the centre, click here.

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