Transitioning to School

In the school holidays when Flanshaw Road Primary School is empty, we use this an opportunity to explore the school environment.  When we visit the school we were able to find the classrooms that some of us would be going to be in to, the library, the office and the swimming pool.  We were able to engage in different conversations about where we would have our lunches at school and talked about how the toilet block isn’t in the classrooms.

By providing the children with this experience they are becoming familiar with different areas of the school so that when they eventually make the transition it is somewhat familiar to them.  It is also allowing them to become familiar with different services that are available in our local Te Atatu community.


To find out more about the programme we offer at Te Atatu South Childcare Centre, feel free to visit our West Auckland childcare centre or contact us through our contact page.

transition to school

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